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The venerable old FT-101

I came across a listing on FB for an FT-101EE recently, and decided to buy it. I think I became intrigued at the idea of investing in the past, where the FT101 reigned as king of the tube transceivers. The -EE was released in the early 70s, and had an optional speech processor. The most intriguing part is that it has glowy TUBES!!

All of my radios have integrated circuits that control all aspects of operations. The FT101 has actual glowing tubes to generate the radio frequency output. Additionally, it puts out around 130W of power on single side band. My current wunder-radio delivers 12W on DC power.

I plan on using the FT101 to finally dabble in contesting a bit, and also for general rag-chewing. I can even get back to doing more slow-scan TV over to Europe and Asia. So, that’s kind of exciting. 🙂

I’ll update here when the radio arrives.

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